Sanctuary 2014 Images

    'Enclosure'  100 ft Neon Sculpture. Robbie Coleman

    'Enclosure'  100 ft Neon Sculpture. Robbie Coleman

Drokk at site of their live broadcast. Drokk performed and broadcast a piece that had never been heard before and will never be heard again.

    'The Lost Cosmonaut'  Robbie Coleman and Jo Hodges. Dual screen video installation

Innes Smith, Vice president of the Scottish Society for Psychical Research giving The Dark Outside Lecture

    :zoviet*france: broadcasting live at The Dark Outside HQ

    Broken 20's 'digital hearth', keeping the dark at bay with light and improvised sound

    Drokk live broadcasting

    The Dark Outside HQ at the top of Murrays Monument with 'Enclosure' in background

    Hostess of The Dark Star Lounge